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What our clients have to say about Four Star Management:

Reference letter from Hawkins, Kominsky, DeVries & Associates, P.C.

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from Mythic Landing Enterprises
"I'd rather be riding my horses and teaching my students than worrying about the books. Four Star Management keeps my business organized and our farm on budget."

- Amy Tryon, two-time Olympian, Olympic Bronze medalist and
WEG Gold and Bronze medalist

"Ashley’s organization and management skills kept our facility running perfectly.  I never had to worry about the barn and could focus on the horses and the clients thanks to Ashley."

- Kris Montgomery, Grand Prix Dressage Rider (Previously head trainer at
Spring Creek Equestrian Center and now
based in Hampton, VA.)

"Great camp! I've used so many things I was taught. I loved how the instructors rotated and absolutely had a great time!"

- 2009 Olympic Experience Camp camper, Annie Desmond

"I was exposed to some new ideas which will be useful in my horsemanship. Overall, it was an interesting, fun and educational week. Well worth the investment!"

- 2009 Olympic Experience Camp camper, Jude Mackenzie

"I loved the instruction! The lectures were great and the practical work came as a normal progression. I really enjoyed all of the instructors and learned a lot from them."

- 2009 Olympic Experience Camp camper, Barbara Barke

"Thanks so much for organizing such a great camp. The instructors were super fun and brought great insight. The party was a highlight and we will definitely keep coming back!"

- 2008 Herron Park Summer Camp camper, Camille and Cindy Adams

"The lake was great, the camp is a yearly highlight. Thanks for your efforts!"

- 2007 Herron Park Summer Camp camper, Larry Israelson

"We had an absolutely wonderful time… great riding and great new friends."

- 2007 Herron Park Summer Camp camper, Emma and Carol Irwin

"We always get so much out of this camp. Thanks for everything."

- 2007 Herron Park Summer Camp camper, Sarah Green